My First Quarter As A Titan

Now I know that there isn’t a required blog for this week, and I know that most of my class won’t read this, but I felt like I wanted to write one more.

This first quarter has been an adventure, and it’s been a great one. I’ve met many new people, all with a wide range of opinions and beliefs. I’ve made a couple friends that I can hang out with, and a close friend that I am ever so glad I met.

I look forward to continuing my journey as a Titan, and I wish everyone I have met the best of luck. Even if I don’t like you, whether I’ve made that clear or not, I hope you find success in your journey. This quarter has been filled with laughs, stress, fear, and a sense of accomplishment.

I wish to congratulate everyone on making it into the program, whether you made it to the second quarter or not. Well done to all of you.

Good luck, and Happy Holidays!!


Week 9 As A Titan

This week was pretty good. There wasn’t a lot of work, so I had some time to do what I wanted, which was good. I’m still struggling with the way some people talk to others, and people’s attitudes. This is college, not a daycare, act like an adult or just shut your mouth please. It’s ok to not like someone, I’m not saying that I don’t because there are people in my class I can’t stand. It’s not ok however; to be disrespectful towards that person.

Critical thinking. This is an important thing to learn in college, and it’s best if learned quickly. Without critical thinking, it would be very hard to make things like budgets or schedules. Depending on what class you have critical thinking may be used a lot, or not very often.

Week 8 As A Titan

Not feeling the whole talk about my week this time, but I’ll do it anyway. Socialwise my week was great, I hung out with friends a lot. Academically my week was alright, I had trouble focusing so it was harder to get stuff done. I don’t think anything super interesting happened this week, so there’s not really much to talk about.

My first quarter has been good. Nothing has really surprised me, but it is stressful. The work hasn’t really been hard, but I haven’t been focused as much as I need to be. So that’s made my work take longer, thus stressful as I’m trying to get things done on time.

Week 7 As A Titan

Urrrgh. This week kinda sucked honestly. My ADD was killing me, so I ended up not doing any homework till the day it was due. I have to write a 2 page paper by tomorrow. Yaaaaaay. Anyway, nothing really interesting this week. So I guess I’ll just do the blog prompt.

I think the way testing is done isn’t necessarily wrong, but could be improved. I don’t like taking tests, but I understand why they exist. Students are tested on their knowledge so the schools know whether or not the student is academically ready to move to the next grade. I think that testing could be improved in the sense that it could be a practical scenario in the questions, and not so and so had 4 watermelons and bought 46, how many does he have? Questions like that I feel like are stupid. If they could questions like “John put $400 in a bank account and left it for 8 years, while it collected 5% interest, how much is there now?” Or questions having to do with loans and budgeting, then I think students would be more prepared for life and not go into so much debt later on.

Personally I think the whole school system is flawed. I think that in the years students aren’t able to decide what they want to do they should be taught the basic reading and writing, with the basic math skills like they are. But I also think that in highschool and the years where they are finding themselves and what they really want that they should be taught life skills like business math, and how things like buying a car or house work. Rather than having to experience all of this in college, where for most people it’s learning by experience, I think they should go into life prepared for those kinds of things.

Week 6 As A Titan

This week was alright, I didn’t sleep a ton so I was tired. I did well on my mid term, so I was happy about that. Not bragging or anything but the fact that I got the highest score made it even better (insert smiley face emoji). I’m contemplating doing like a gaming blog or maybe even a youtube channel for gaming, but I haven’t decided yet. I don’t really have the time for it, but I think it looks like fun. I love gaming, and I can honestly say that next to hunting and being in the woods; gaming is my favorite thing to do.  Also, I think I might start a separate blog for this kind of stuff, and leave this one for school only. Although, I think that would make this one really boring. I feel like it would make this one feel more like a chore rather than something I kind of look forward to.

Now to the real purpose of the blog. There are a lot of ways to make money in college, whether it’s an on campus job or a job outside of school. There is a Pizza Hut opening around the corner from my house, so I am planning on getting a job there. I have worked there before so I know how it works.

There are jobs on campus that you can work at, but I’m not sure how the pay works for those. So if you want a job just for the paycheck then you should look that up first. I don’t think working at fast food is a good idea, but that’s because of temptation to eat at work. I can’t really tell you not to though since I’m going to. If I had to give a piece of advice; I would say depending on the hours you work you should pack a lunch or whatever meal it is you would be eating. That way you aren’t eating the fast food from work.

Week 5 as a Titan

This week was ok, I felt like it was fairly uneventful. The day that was memorable for me was Friday, not because of the activity or the lessons, but how it upset me. College is supposed to be the place people can share their beliefs, and voice their opinions and receive respect for those beliefs. As Fresh Start students it is our responsibility to be respectful of other people, whether we disagree with them or not. Even if you don’t like that person, there is absolutely no reason for you to be rude or disrespectful. Also, the side conversations that happen during class have got to stop. Not only does it irritate me, but it is also extremely distracting to me, as I have ADD. I’m not always able to control it, so people talking while someone else is talking or everyone talking at once bothers me, like on a physical level. When people do that, it makes me very on edge and I have put my headphones on to drown out the noise a few times. I really would just like to ask that you PLEASE be quiet, and respectful, and for the love of God just act like an adult. Thank you.

Now for the actual blog I am supposed to write about. I am a very hands on person, I like to learn by doing, not just seeing or hearing. So I think I’m a Kinesthetic learner. While I can learn by seeing and hearing, it takes me longer to retain the information. Taking notes helps, I actually enjoy taking notes honestly, even though it’s hard to keep up with the teachers sometimes.

I think my weakest learning style is probably hearing, I’m not sure why it’s my weakest. I have a very hard time remembering things I hear, because there’s no image for me to recall in my head. If I see a list of instructions or tasks that I have to do, I won’t remember all of it. But, I will remember most of it, whereas if I hear it, I’ll remember maybe one or two of the tasks. Seeing things helps me remember more things because it lets me recall an image of something in my head, rather than trying to think of what that person said.

Week 4 As A Titan

I liked this week, it wasn’t anything spectacular or anything, but it was good. I don’t know whether or not I like Cornell Notes, but I think I’ll try it a couple more times. Honestly though I struggled this week. I felt super lazy throughout the week and had a really hard time focusing on anything. I managed to get my stuff together on Friday though. I think I still have a lot I need to get from this class, but I don’t know what. Like I feel like theres something we have left thats really important but I can’t think of what it is. I was told to pick one of the prompts for this blog, but I didn’t want to just write about the prompt. So now for the prompt.

The question I chose from the list was “What questions do you still have on how to manage your time?”

I think one thing I’d like to know, even though I feel like we’ve kind of gone over it is what are some specific things I can do to help maximize the efficiency of what I do. I know that going somewhere quiet or turning off my phone, etc. are good ideas but I guess I’m kind of looking for a more in depth answer. Or maybe experimenting to see how some things help versus others. I don’t know. I spent a lot of time at home studying, but that’s never really been the best option for me. I find there are too many distractions and it’s too easy for other people to bother me there.

Another question I had is kind of for my classmates I guess, and I guess I’ll only get answers from people who read this, but whatever. What are some ways you guys take notes? When I take notes everything seems to be clumped together with no real sense of order. I write down just what I feel is important and then read through until whatever I’m looking for is found. I’d like tips on how to organize the note taking process I guess is what I’m asking. Any feedback is great!

Week 3 as a Titan

This week I felt, was a fantastic week. Aside from being sick, that is. I feel like I pulled a lot from this weeks lessons and discussion. And even though it was somewhat of a disaster, I really enjoyed participating in the Socratic Seminar. The only thing I found distasteful about it, was some of the attitudes being thrown around. This is a place to voice your opinion, but it is also the place where being respectful of other peoples beliefs is so important.

I think we should do many more of those seminars, as I feel they are a fantastic way to get students to interact. It also gets them involved in learning, I think that having these dialogs will not only make our grades better, but deepen our understanding of the topics, and other peoples point of views. Even if there is a little arguing involved. Its a new thing, and that means we have to do it a few times to get used to it and really understand how it is supposed to work. I also think it is a great way for some people to learn better ways to take notes, for those kinds of dialogs, taking notes is very important. Not only for you to be involved in the conversations, but to actually understand whats being discussed.

I feel like the students in this class have a lot to offer, they just don’t realize it. As fellow students, we need to encourage each other to get involved. Encourage others to be a part of discussions, to raise their hands, and to do their best. We all have the capacity to do amazing things, and that’s what this program is for. Our futures are made here, we lay the path for our future selves right now, no matter what we’re planning on doing. What you are able to do, and what you think you are able to do, are most likely very different. You can do great things, if only you try. Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

Week 2 as a Titan

This week was a very interesting one. I really enjoyed the topics of this week because they really made you look at what you say and how you think. This weeks topic was mindset. I like to think that I have a growth mindset, and that I persevere through tough times. I believe that my intelligence has, and will continue to grow. I also enjoyed the debate that broke out amongst the students, because that shows how strong other kids beliefs and opinions are. Most of my life all of the kids my age lacked interest in anything political, or debates of beliefs. In this class I am finding that the students all have strong beliefs, and even if I don’t agree with them it brings me joy that I can have a discussion with them about their opinions.

I feel like I learned a lot about the way people think and how the brain works this week. We talked about Neuro-Plasticity, which is the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural pathways throughout life. Which means it is possible to improve your intelligence through your own effort. If you believe that what intelligence or talent you’re born with is what you get, I’m sorry but you’re wrong. That is what’s called a fixed mindset. This is not just a matter of opinion, it is scientifically proven that you can be a life-long learner. That you can constantly become more intelligent and be more gritty, through your effort.

On the day we had the debate in class, I felt like there was some hostility towards some of the people who spoke up. That is to be expected though, since everyone has different beliefs. For all those who read this, whether you’re in my class or not, I would like to encourage you not to be angry or defensive to those you debate with. Be polite, treat them with the same respect you want to get in return.

I also learned that taking notes is very important. Even if the professor doesn’t look at them, taking notes will be helpful when a test or essay rolls around. I’ve taken around 14 pages of notes for one class and it’s only week 2. So that’s my advice for this week, take notes, audio record the lectures, whatever suits you best. I guarantee it will help you at some point, whether you think it will or not.

What I’m hoping to get out of Frsh 100

Hi, so today I’m going over what I’d like to learn in this class.

First off, I think this class is going to be helpful in showing us how to be successful in college. What I really want to get out of this is time management. I’ve never been great at managing my time and getting things done on time. This is sort of a new opportunity to strengthen that weakness. I’m really looking forward to seeing how I improve.

I’m also hoping to learn things like what are good ways to study. I never studied very much, but people have told me how important studying is in college. I’m hoping to learn some good techniques here. Also note taking, I’m curious to see how some people do that.

Another thing I’d like to learn is more about this blog. I’ve never done a blog before, so this is a new experience. I love writing, but I’ve never been good at writing about a specific topic. I free write, so I like to write stories. I like the idea of a blog though, I think it’s a good way to share how you learn with other people. Maybe the readers could get an idea on something they’d like to try.